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Rufino the Gnome

A happy gnome who loves to collect mushrooms and explore nature.

His favorite drink is honeysuckle nectar.

Claudia Caterpillar

Also commonly referred to as "worm." Rufino's best friend. She is mischievous and loves making funny faces. She loves the smell of mulch.

caterpillar worm.png
party animals.png

Party Animals

Keetie (yellow kitten) and Pupple (purple puppy)


They were once pure white animals until Keetie drank a lot of lemonade and turned yellow. Pupple drank a lot of grapejuice and turned purple. They throw a party every Tuesday no matter what.


A sentient mushroom. He falls off of his skateboard a lot. He loves going fast and has trouble expressing his emotions.

ooma poompa.png

Ooma Poompa

An omnivorous creature with 300 teeth. They wear purple poomperalls and store energy in their yellow ball.

Baby Thing

A young animal of sorts. It can squash and stretch when content.

baby thing.png
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